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Elizabeth Ashbridge

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The autobiography, from Some Account of the Forepart of the Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge Written by her own Hand many years ago edited by Daniel B. Shea, reveals to me the dilemma Elizabeth is confronted with once she finally validates her growing desire to become a Quaker/5(3).

A Comparison Contrast Essay on Perceptions of the Supernatural in lives of Mary Rowlandson and Benjamin Franklin. Although Mary Rowlandson, Madam Knight, and Elizabeth Ashbridge were all strong minded women in the 17th and he reader get inside the author's mind and try to see what they were writing about.

There is plenty of drama in Elizabeth Ashbridge, as almost every critic of her narrative notes. In fact, it is a commonplace in Ashbridge criticism to list her multiple identities, as a way to emphasize the "uncommon Occurrences" (Ashbridge ) of her life.

Christine Levenduski's dissertation, "Elizabeth Ashbridge's `Remarkable Experiences': Creating the Self in a Quaker Personal Narrative" (University of Minnesota, ), is an invaluable book-length discussion of the text and its author.

In the Apostle's Words: Elizabeth Ashbridge's Epistle to the Goshen Monthly Meeting Elisabeth Ceppi In his meticulous introduction to Some Account of the Fore Part of the Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge, Daniel Shea observes, "Almost everything we know about Elizabeth Ashbridge is derived from her autobiography" ().

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