Essay on electronic waste management

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An Essay On The E-Waste

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Essay on Effects of Electronic Waste in the Environment The production of electronic waste or e-waste is one of the busiest and the fastest growing in the global industry. Rapid economic growth, coupled with urbanization and a mounting demand for consumer goods, has increased both the consumption and the production of e-waste.

E-Waste Management The large quantities of e-waste being generated have spawned a new industry: e-waste recycling.

Essay on E-Waste and its management

E-wastes contain over different substances many of which are toxic and potentially hazardous to environment and human health, if.

Essay on e-Waste in India! Electronic waste, popularly known as ‘e-waste’ can be defined as electronic equipment’s/products connects with power plug, batteries which have become obsolete due to: advancement in technology changes in fashion, style and status nearing the end of their useful life.

Toxic waste or electronic waste (e-waste), produced by obsolete electronic products, is growing at an alarming rate, and poses a severe environmental threat.

In light of challenges underlined by this new kind of waste, sound management is imperative. Ironically, electronic waste contains deposits of precious metal estimated to be between 40 and 50 times richer than ores mined from the earth, according to the United Nations.

Solid Waste Management Because the explosion of growth in the electronics industry. Essay on E-waste Management - While technology has revolutionized the way people live, it has not come without a direct environmental cost. Toxic waste or electronic waste (e-waste), produced by obsolete electronic products, is growing at an alarming rate, and poses a severe environmental threat.

Essay on electronic waste management
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An Essay On The E-Waste