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Finally, Yoritomo, the oldest surviving son of Yoshitomo, who grew up in exile at Izu, invoked the authority of a passed-over imperial prince to rally the Minamoto and other great warrior families in eastern Japan in insurrection. In Minamoto no Yoshitomo, the father of Yoritomo, battled with the Taira army and was defeated.

Fleeing, he hid at the house of Osada Tadamune. On the Tairas’ order, Osada led Yoshitomo into the bath and there killed him. The Minamoto Clan’s victory ushered in the beginning of ‘feudal Japan’ and the country’s first shogunate. As a crucial aside, Minamoto no Yoritomo, Japan’s first Shogun, is commonly thought to have killed his suave and talented half brother, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Japan’s most famous tragic hero.

* Battle of Ishibashiyama - Minamoto no Yoritomo's first battle against the Taira. French * Bataille d'Ishibashiyama (石橋山の戦い) - première bataille de Minamoto no Yoritomo contre les Taira.

Minamoto Yoritomo: Minamoto Yoritomo, founder of the bakufu, or shogunate, a system whereby feudal lords ruled Japan for years.

He craved power and was ruthless, even in his own circle, but once in power, he proved an excellent administrator.

He ushered in the Kamakura Period, which saw the rise of the warrior class in Japan.

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Macroeconomic review of Japan. and local feudal lords, served by the samurai warrior class, began to hold the real power. In Minamoto Yoritomo became shogun, or military governor, and the shoguns were in effect Japan's rulers.

Minamoto no yoritomo essay help
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