Odd even formula in delhi essay help

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Delhi's cars and the odd-even formula

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Jan 15,  · “The percentage effect of odd-even scheme could be small, but when the concentrations are as high as in Delhi, the absolute reductions in PM concentrations are significant which can help reducing the health impacts,” it dailywn.com: PTI.

While extending support to the odd-even formula to reduce the number of vehicles on roads, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has expressed disappointment at the range of exemptions granted to different vehicle segments — most notably two-wheelers and single women-driven cars.

Pointing. Delhi's cars and the odd-even formula. Indian capital starts trial where cars will only able to operate on alternate days, depending on their license numbers. It was the first day of the odd/even dailywn.com were mostly odd numbered cars on the road excluding some which were even numbered.

There was much less traffic and congestion on the roads as well. Kudos to the people of delhi who accepted the policy and did their bit to reduce pollution.

Delhi 'odd-even' anti-pollution car rationing starts again

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Odd even formula in delhi essay help
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